Movie Mindset Shift by Cara Leopold

Movie Mindset Shift

You just finished watching a Ryan Gosling movie. But you want to scratch his face off because he mumbles all his lines. Another Friday night ruined by a film in English.


You want to understand films and TV series in English without crying or throwing your laptop out of the window. You know trying to watch and understand a 2-hour movie without the subtitles is too much. But you don’t know where to start.

It’s time for a Movie Mindset Shift

Movie mindset shift is a 1-month listening challenge that’ll show you how to work with movie clips, not whole films, to gradually build up your listening skills. You watch and understand 10 clips from 3 of the best films of the last 20 years. You go beyond just listening – you do exercises that work because they teach you why you don’t understand.

After the 1-month Movie Mindset Shift challenge you

  • Realise that you can improve your listening skills without doing the boring gap fills or multiple choice exercises you remember from school
  • Are less exhausted from working on clips, so you’re more motivated to do the work
  • Don’t just follow the plot, you catch the dialogue
  • Catch 95% of the short clips, instead of your usual 60%
  • Discover 3 of my favourite films from the last 20 years: the plot, the characters and the culture behind the films
  • Go beyond just listening – you do exercises that work because they teach you why you don’t understand

Thanks to the exercises, I found out that I was doing it wrong and learned what to do instead – where to find movie clips and what to do with them to gradually build up my skills.
Veronika Palovska
Copywriter and Brand Strategist , Do you speak freedom?

Why should you take on the Movie Mindset Shift challenge?

  • Movie clips, not whole films, are the key to better understanding what you watch
  • Find out what’s stopping you from understanding films and TV shows in English (it’s not phrasal verbs or slang)
  • Get the motivation and momentum you need to do the work through my regular emails
  • Stop missing out on bits of dialogue
  • Take away the overwhelm and frustration that comes with trying to just practise by watching whole films
  • Learn more about anglophone culture
  • Feel excited to watch movies again in English

I like the way the information arrives by email : it’s easy really. This watching film method is interactive and pleasant. Your cultural explanations are indispensable.

You can start Movie Mindset Shift whenever you’re ready. Now’s the best time, so that after 30 days, you change your approach to watching films and TV shows in English.

What you’ll get from Movie Mindset Shift

  • links to the film clip on YouTube
  • listening tasks to complete
  • corrections and feedback in written and video format 

Regular emails from me 
I’m with you every step of the way by email, with plot details, information about the scene plus encouragement and advice.

Discover new films
We’ll work on 3 of my favourite films from the last 20 years. You’ll learn how to understand them. And you’ll also discover the culture behind the films.

What I liked most about the challenge was the way you led me through the spoken language to be more bearable

What's included?

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How this challenge works
how this challenge works.mp4
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Why I chose these films
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Extra resources
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 1
MMS day 1 answers_V2.pdf
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Day 1 feedback transcript.pdf
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 2
MMS day 2 answers_V2.pdf
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day 2 feedback transcript.pdf
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 3
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 4
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 5
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 6
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 7
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 8
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Day 8 feedback transcript.pdf
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 9
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Movie Mindset Shift Day 10
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Day 10 feedback transcript.pdf
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Final bonus video
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Subtitle freedom for English learners

Sick of reading the subtitles and missing out on all the action when you watch your favourite films and series in English? I'm Cara Leopold, online English listening teacher on a mission to help you fall back in love with what you watch by getting rid of the subtitles.  


What level of English do I need to complete this course?

I recommend that you have at least a B2 or upper-intermediate level in English. Ideally you're an advanced or C1 level learner. 

Why is this a month long challenge, even though there are only 10 clips?

Having run this challenge previously in different formats, I decided that sending daily emails for 2 weeks was too intense. 
I've spread the challenge over 4 weeks to give you the time to complete the activities and get the feedback. 
Now, you get the feedback on the first task a day after you sign up, and the feedback on the other clips is released every 3 days. 

Are these materials suitable for classroom use?

No, these materials are designed for English learners working independently and are not suitable for classroom use.