Subtitle freedom for English learners

Sick of reading the subtitles and missing out on all the action when you watch your favourite films and series in English? I'm Cara Leopold, online English listening teacher on a mission to help you fall back in love with what you watch by getting rid of the subtitles.  

The Leo Listening Log

What you do with your listening is much more important than what you listen to.  If you're just listening and hoping that your skills will improve by magic one day, then you'll be waiting a long time to see real progress.  In the Leo Listening log, you get a system you can use with any piece of listening material, from podcasts, to movies and everything in between.  I give you activities to train your ears with any type of material. And more importantly, space to set goals, track your progress and reflect on your learning.  Because improving your listening isn't about just listening. You need to:  do effective activities to train your ears to decode fast, native speech set goals and develop a listening habit  track and reflect on your progress  Track and reflect on your listening progress with the Leo Listening Log, a 2-page worksheet to fill out every time you listen to English. Suitable for personal use only. Not for classroom use.